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Living cursed only makes life more precious.

Cursed into the body of a werewolf, Émilien Elasalor longs for a cure that will return him to his true Elven form so he can win back the love of his wife, Hel. But knowing what an impossibility that is, he throws himself into his brother and sister-in-law’s disappearance, vowing to stop at nothing to find them.

Hel is regarded as the ice queen, but underneath that cold exterior is a heart that beats for the daughter she was forced to leave behind—and for the Elf who stole a slice of her soul so long ago. When the dead start disappearing from her realm, she and Émilien are thrust together to discover who is behind this new threat, making the bone-chilling discovery that more is at stake than their hearts—the life of their only daughter.

Can they forge a truce long enough to save her—and the whole of the Nine Worlds—or will their pasts destroy their future?

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Featured Book!

Return of the Elf Lord

Resistance soldier Bernard Marchand would do anything to bring his family back from the dead, but in his desperation to change their fates, he alters history and nearly destroys the world. Faced with the consequences, he’s horrified at what he’s done. It was never supposed to be this way.

As a Huldra, Alva should have stolen her partner’s life energy, drained him to the brink of death. Instead, she went against her natural instincts and helped him win the war against a dreaded enemy. However, when he inadvertently starts the countdown to Ragnarok, Alva will have to ignore the ache in her soul as she fights to save them once again.

And that’s just the beginning…

An unknown enemy lurks just out of reach and interferes in their every effort to restore Earth’s historical timeline. But why? What is he after? Will they be able to focus long enough to save the Nine Realms, or are they doomed to the horrific reality they unwittingly unleashed?

Western Historical

  • Mail-Order Brides of the Southwest Series
  • Western Trails Series

Stand-Alone Books

  • Heart of the Soldier
  • Mistletoe Kisses Box 
  • Collection


  • Of Mystics and Mayhem Series
  • Flight of the Night Witches Series
  • Kingdom of the Elf Lords Series