Life is an interesting conundrum. When a young adult graduates from high school, the world is untapped and open for discovery. Unfortunately, the decisions that young person faces can, unknowingly, open up a duel pathway, either easy or hard. Another layering of choices further entrenches the future’s path.
Money, knowledge, and contacts are essential in this forward advancement. However, unbeknownst to most young adults at this time in their life, luck and common sense are also major players.
Some students graduate and make a decent living early on, while others—from financial, medical, or family-related problems—drop out and make do with minimum-wage jobs. As one of these students, I look around my college classroom and feel not only an age difference but also a social difference.
I don’t see the world innocently anymore. My view is too jaded. Too negative. A life of hard knocks, bad decisions, and a special needs child have dampened my outlook, making me more cautious. But, my spirit remains free, soaring and hopeful, and, in truth, no different from my young classmates whose life journeys are just beginning.

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