My Friend

I said good-bye to a friend this week. Have you ever known someone who never knew a strange or made everyone feel like a best friend? Whose smile was wide and beautiful : who truly loved life? She loved and was loved by everyone who knew her. I miss my friend.

She spoke her mind, fought effortlessly for her beliefs, but always listened to the other opinions. If her words accidently hurt, she apologized immediately. But never changed her stance.

The time I had her as my friend, I grew. She taught me to believe in myself and to embrace every day with all that I am. Even sick, with death just moments away, she smiled. I miss my friend.


About Heidi Vanlandingham

My favorite genres are paranormal and historical fiction. When I'm not watching my son play baseball, I'm writing, reading, and spending as much time as I can with him--he's growing up entirely too fast!
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2 Responses to My Friend

  1. Alicia Dean says:

    Your words have captured her perfectly. What a beautiful tribute. She will be missed by countless others whose lives she touched. No one who met her could ever forget her. Thank you for so eloquently speaking what I feel in my heart.


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