Being A Mom

Life is hard. You turn around, thinking you have broken free from the daily trials, but you are right back in the deepest, muckiest mire. Sound familiar?
 Welcome to my world. My son has Asperger’s—high-functioning autism. Have you ever bitten into a scrumptious-looking cherry pie, only to have your lips pucker, jaws tightening painfully? You expected a sweet cherry flavor with a hint of almond. Instead, sour grapes. Not literally, but you understand the analogy.
 Do not expect…it will not happen. One thing learned from the ups and downs…my son is a change artist. I will never figure him out, but he has the world catalogued. There are no social skills or fun times with friends, but he has unshakable ethics, an artistic touch, and a killer three-point shot from any position.
 Expect the unexpected, the rare joke, the barely-passing grade, or the unsavory new friend. As a parent, deep breathing is mandatory—I do it regularly. A bonus is language improvement. You will learn to reword statements to get your child to understand something as simple as washing the face twice a day, not once every three days. Hygiene? Long, long road…with ruts. Clean room…monster truck ruts.
 Time and patience. That is the best key I have found. Lots and lots of patience. There is a huge amount of frustration and many tantrums, but what else do moms do…we wait. When my son is ready, I am there.
 I will always be there.

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