Writing is my life. My drive. I sit down and the stories pour out of my mind. Sometimes so fast my hand can’t keep up. If life—kids and laundry—didn’t bombard me, I could write a book a month. Well, maybe a month and a half.
There are times though, when trying to get published is overwhelming. I realized early in my writing journey that editors and agents are human with inhuman jobs. They have good and bad days and aren’t perfect. Unfortunately, because of the publishing industry’s demands, the author is expected to be faultless.
As authors, we dream of incredible stories and bring them to life for the reader. Mystery, inspirational, or the darker, grittier paranormal/urban fantasy all drive the reader’s imaginations and ultimately push them to higher goals. The human being strives for something more, something better. New job, better lifestyle, and even love keep the readers’ hope alive. Books are the catalyst for many things. And, for the authors they create an outlet for creativity, a way to connect with readers, and a legacy.
Writing keeps me going. Keeps me sane. I conform daily to those who’ve traveled this road before me. I absorb their advice, their techniques, and their aspirations. I never wonder if I will be published, only when.


  1. Stay with it and don’t give up. It is a matter of when. Join all the groups and learn what you can about the industry. The query letter is important. But it’s more important to write for yourself and polish the end product.
    Sierra Michaels
    author of Intimate Encounters

    1. Thanks Sierra! I can’t give up – too stubborn. Plus, I love writing. I have to write. I’ve discovered that I’m one of those writers who stay out of the box most of the time. I don’t like the standard boy-meets-girl and then nothing happens. I have to have several subplots underneath my main one.
      Again, thank you for the advice.

  2. Your writing is informative, witty, and humorous. I look forward to visiting your blog regularly.

    1. Thank you so much! As you can tell, blogging is new to me. I’ve been wanting to try it but kept putting it off…didn’t want to go down in flames. Class requirements are rather fortuitous, aren’t they? At least I’ll get my feet wet. Kind of like stepping off the proverbial cliff and either flying or falling to my death!

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