New Possibilities

I am so excited!  I get to participate in a new project that my writing group is setting up.  I’m hesitant though because of the requirements.  It is a series of stories bound together by the beginning plot.  It follows a certain family through time and tells their stories, which will be written by a different author.
I’ve never written like this before but have wanted to try.  The most common doubts have cluttered my mind:  Can I do it? Will I write a story as good as the others?  Will my writing voice be as strong as the published authors?  Will this style of writing hinder my creativity?
Yep, lots of doubts. But I’m determined.


  1. I enjoy reading your blog. What kind of writing group are you in? I would love to write professionally. The publishing world is overwhelming though. What kind of writing do you enjoy the most? I think writing is best when you enjoy it. Happy Writing!

    1. Hi Janet! I’m glad you liked it. My writing group is the OKRWA Outlaws, which is a subgroup of the National Romance Writers. We meet every third Saturday from 1-3. We love having new people. If you want to go, just let me know. As for the writing, my voice is young adult/paranormal-urban fantasy. I’m also trying my hand at historical YA as well. I’m not happy unless I’m creating new worlds/characters and take a notebook with me wherever I go. Same to you!

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