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scrimshawlogo_blog-headerI am blogging on the Tales of the Scrimshaw Doll Blog today. This is a brand new blog made up of writers from my OKRWA group – the Oklahoma Outlaws. This is a series of e-books published by The Wild Rose Press about a doll that carries a gypsy curse and how the curse reacts with each owner through time.

Tales of the Scrimshaw Doll Blog

My story is highlighted today and is told through the doll’s point of view, which was really interesting to do. Main characters like the heroine and hero – even the antagonist are easy to write. It’s like a solid stream of conversations. Like a dream. But an inanimate object who suddenly isn’t so “silent”? It was actually fun in a creepy kind of way. It fits with my story line in Trail of Hope – love, death, and obsession on the Trail of Tears.
Be sure to check back and read about a different story each Wednesday. Comments are much appreciated!

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