Blogging Ideas

While I’ve been creating this site, the one thought that keeps popping into my mind is how do people come up with their post ideas?  Do they surf the internet for the popular subjects currently discussed?  Or, do these writers pull a thought our of their head?

For me, I hope the answer is somewhere in between.  I’ve never been one to follow the Ideascrowd or do what’s popular at that moment. On the other hand, I know what’s in my head and it scares me–imagine what it would do to regular people?  Too many thoughts ping-pong around in my brain on extra-high speed.  A popular question I get is “How do you keep track of them all?” My answer is, “I don’t.”

The best way to describe the evolution of my thoughts is once they get tired of boomeranging into each other, new thoughts take their place and the old thoughts are forced to play slip and slide on the outside looking in.  Makes for some awesome headaches.  Eventually, the old thoughts mature (most of the time) and resurface in a malleable format.

Maybe looking into the monstrous variety of topics and plethora of blogs would be a better idea…

cat under pressure

What do you think?  Where do you find your ideas?


About Heidi Vanlandingham

My favorite genres are paranormal and historical fiction. When I'm not watching my son play baseball, I'm writing, reading, and spending as much time as I can with him--he's growing up entirely too fast.
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