Excitement Galore!

I am so excited to announce my second historical western, Riding The Storm! If everything goes as planned, I will have it out in August, 2014, which will be a miracle in itself since I’m self-publishing this book. Talk about a learning curve! Kudos to all those self-pubbed authors out there who have led the way because I’m completely overwhelmed with all the rules and requirements, not to mention the half-a-dozen different sites I’m having to learn. Thank God for my CP (critique partner for those of you who aren’t familiar with author lingo) because without her, I’d be a flopping fish in a straightjacket. Wait, I’d flop right out, wouldn’t I?
Anyway, here’s the FANTASTIC cover for Riding The Storm, designed by Clary Carey, whom I bow to. She’s amazing!

Riding the Storm 5

He searches for his future.

She searches for her past.

But can they ride the storm to find each other?

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