Excitement Galore!

I am so excited to announce my second historical western, Riding The Storm! If everything goes as planned, I will have it out in August, 2014, which will be a miracle in itself since I’m self-publishing this book. Talk about a learning curve! Kudos to all those self-pubbed authors out there who have led the way because I’m completely overwhelmed with all the rules and requirements, not to mention the half-a-dozen different sites I’m having to learn. Thank God for my CP (critique partner for those of you who aren’t familiar with author lingo) because without her, I’d be a flopping fish in a straightjacket. Wait, I’d flop right out, wouldn’t I?

Anyway, here’s the FANTASTIC cover for Riding The Storm, designed by Clary Carey, whom I bow to. She’s amazing!

Riding the Storm 5

He searches for his future.

She searches for her past.

But can they ride the storm to find each other?


About Heidi Vanlandingham

My favorite genres are paranormal and historical fiction. When I'm not watching my son play baseball, I'm writing, reading, and spending as much time as I can with him--he's growing up entirely too fast!
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