I'm re-releasing!

Just wanted to introduce my ‘all new’ Western Trails series: Trail of Hope, Trail of Courage, and Trail of Secrets!

The series is rebranded with new titles, covers, and even a few new excerpts. I’m so excited about the way the three books turned out, and I hope you are too!  
Now Available in ebook, print soon to follow!
Will a vow of vengeance harden his heart to love… 

Abducted from her family home in Savannah, Sophia Deveraux is thrown into an army stockade with Cherokee prisoners destined for the West. Stalked by her abductor, she is protected by three men on the long, deadly journey to Indian Territory. Despite her starved and battered body and soul, one of them steals her heart.

When Clay Jefferson lost his family, he vowed to kill whoever murdered them. Trying to help prevent the removal of the Cherokees from Georgia, he finds his heart torn in two when protecting Sophia becomes more important than his vow of vengeance.

Sophia is attacked but finds an inner strength she never knew she had, and Clay is forced to make a difficult decision—honor his vow or listen to his heart?

Now Available in ebook, print soon to follow!
*The old title was Riding the Storm
Is letting go of her past worth losing her future…
Looking at the present:
Retired US Calvary officer Bryan MacConnell hopes to find the one thing that’s eluded him—a family. When his home is destroyed, he gathers his grandfather and heads West, determined to start a new life in Indian Territory.
Looking for the past:
Megan Floyd is determined to discover the truth behind her parents’ murders and the fate of her brother. With her adopted brother, she joins a small wagon train headed east. As much as she loves the family who raised her, Megan yearns for a family of her own.
 Looking to the future:
When marauding Indians and wild weather toss Bryan and Megan together, will they be torn apart? Or will they discover what they’ve both been searching for—a life full of love and family?

Release Date:  October 18, 2017

She’s fighting for her legacy. He’s running from his. 

*The old title was Secrets on the Western Trail

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