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For the past too many years, I have worked on a very special project and finally, finally finished it. The story is so incredibly special to me that I rewrote it several times to get it ‘just right’. For those of you who know me, you know I’ve had a life-long obsession with World War II. When I was thirteen years old, I found a book in my Grandmother’s monstrous library. No exaggeration—she could have opened up her own library. Anyway, the book was about Auschwitz. She then told me about my grandfather’s service in the war, what little she knew. He, like so many other soldiers, wouldn’t talk about it.

When I was older and just beginning my career as an author, I asked Grandma Grace, if she could have a ‘do-over’ what she would have done differently. She told me she would have gone to Europe and helped somehow instead of staying in school. Heart of the Soldier was written for my grandmother as her ‘do-over’. Unfortunately, Grandma Grace died before she got to read the finished version, but she loved the story I told her.

Go out and live life to the fullest and make your dreams happen!

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He battles the German war machine. Her magic helps the French Underground. Will love push them together or will the war pull them apart?

Called to defend his country, Stuart Williams finds himself on the front line against the Nazi War Machine. But when he meets a beautiful American Resistance fighter, his focus becomes divided between defeating Hitler and protecting her from the enemy.

Trapped by the Germans in France, American college student, Caroline Grayson, uses her magical ability to read maps, helping the Resistance track the enemy’s movements and help their cause against Hitler. When she finds an American soldier lost behind enemy lines, she’s not only fighting Nazis but also her traitorous heart.

Helping the Resistance, Caroline puts her life in danger, but Stuart’s first allegiance is to the army, and he’s forced to leave Caroline behind. When enemy tanks attack his regiment, he’s captured and thrown into a prisoner of war camp. At the war’s end, will Caroline use her magic to find and rescue him or will he succumb to the Nazis’ brutality?

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