Trail of Redemption, Book 6 in Western Trails series!

I can’t believe I didn’t announce my newest historical western romance release! I guess that’s what happens when I try to write and edit too many things at the same time. Anyway, for those of you who read Mia’s Misfits, you may remember a strong-willed nine-year-old orphan named Summer. She reminded me of myself as a child—smart-mouthed, head-strong, independent—so I just had to give her an HEA of her own. I also hope you enjoy her hero, Wild Eagle, who is a Potawatomi Indian with a few issues he’s trying to resolve from his own past.



Creek-Seminole Indian, Summer West just wants to become a teacher, but it’s not easy to overcome the prejudices of white settlers. When Summer is attacked during the Oklahoma land rush melee, a handsome Potawatomie outlaw rescues her from danger.

On the run from the law and a gang of bandits he conned out of their loot, Wild Eagle confronts a past haunted by mistakes and poor decisions. Determined to reclaim his honorable heritage, he vows to make things right. Inspired by Summer’s strength and character, he must succeed in order to earn the young woman’s love and trust.

Summer finds sanctuary in Wild Eagle’s embrace, but when the outlaw’s past transgressions come to light, their new life together is threatened. Can he repair his past enough to keep her love?

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