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In Mage We Trust

Of Mystics and Mayhem series

I can’t tell you how exited I am about this new release. I love paranormal and read it voraciously, so also writing it just made sense. I first wrote this story back in 2009 as a writing exercise. If not for my critique partner, it would probably still be in the drawer or, at least, a short story.

In Mage We Trust is about a sassy heroine who’s struggled in life to get to where she’s at without help from her very dysfunctional family. Johnna has always known about her father’s magic, but when she’s attacked by flying jelly bellies with wings (that she later finds out are imps) and a zombie who jumpstarts her own magical ability, her entire world turns inside out and upside down.

Johnna is spirited into a realm of worlds filled with demons, wizards, mythological gods and goddesses, and other creatures more dangerous than she could ever imagine. Through it all, she discovers a strength she never knew she had, faith in the family she’d thought abandoned her, and her own true love.

I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did writing it, editing it, and rereading it over and over.

A daughter who wants her family back…

Dragged into a magical realm, a sassy college student’s magic surfaces when an emotionally hardened demon gifts her part of his soul to save her life. Johnna longs for her family, but when a rogue mage goes on a killing spree, her internal alarms are buzzing—and not just because of her growing attraction to the demon.

A demon without hope…

When murders plague his realm, the head demon enforcer is ordered to stop them, but Niki can’t concentrate on tracking the rogue mage when the rebellious Johnna wreaks havoc during their hunt. She insists she can help, but it’s all he can do to avert destruction—and not kiss her senseless.

A tangled web of deceit, chaos, and murder…

Together they must learn to trust each other and work together or the realms of Dark World and their true mate bond won’t survive as this magical ‘Alice’ goes up against a demon queen of hearts.

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