Finally available! Natalya, book 1 in Flight of the Night Witches

Natalya book images“This has it all – tragic romance, the perils of intelligence work and combat flying during World War II, all wrapped in Norse mythology.”   ~Beth Irwin

“Plenty of tension, a little humor and a wonderful plot that flowed effortlessly and could not put it down once I started it.”  ~Mauireader


Magic is no longer the stuff of fairytales…

Natalya Volkov has two dreams—marry the only man she has ever loved and become a pilot. When she is killed in a plane crash defending Mother Russia, the Norse goddess Freyja gives her a second chance at life—for a price. For immortality, she must hunt down the most powerful man in Europe or give up the man she loves.

Romani-Jew Mikhail Abramovich has known hardship. He escaped a Nazi camp, became a Resistance soldier, and the love of his life died in his arms. Yet, when Natalya miraculously returns to life, he is plunged into a world that is no longer black and white.

Is the hunt for Hitler and immortality worth giving up everything they have ever known and loved?

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