Book 2 in Of Mystics and Mayhem Now Available!

Have I said before how much I LOVE these books? Saved By the Spell, book 2 in the series, released today, and I am so excited for people to get to know Willow and Malachi and the terrible things they have to overcome—all in the name of self-preservation and love. Oh, and I can’t forget—saving several realms in Dark World from total destruction. But, the battle lines are drawn and everyone they love prepares for the ultimate fight, which will take place in book 3 (release date: May, 2020).

Saved By the Spell cover

To discover who she is, she must first forgive past sins . . .


Willow Kallias is plagued by a lifetime of rejection and anger, but when she finds herself imprisoned in a strange realm in an even stranger world, she realizes her old problems are the least of her worries.

Fallen leader, Malachi, rescues Willow only to discover his own life is in danger when a vengeful succubus sets her sights on using him to destroy the realms of Dark World. When the succubus kidnaps Malachi, Willow’s newfound powers are put to the test, and she not only has to save the demon she’s fallen in love with but also figure out how to stop the succubus before the rest of her newly discovered family is destroyed.

The realms of Dark World are still failing, and like the demon queen before her, the succubus is only a pawn.

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