Aleksandra’s Now Available!

Book 2 in Flight of the Night Witches is finally here! I’m so excited about this series, but I’lll admit-they’re the most difficult books I have ever written. Not only am I voraciously researching World War II but I’m also entering a few new subgenres—thrillers/suspense and alternate reality. Needless to say, I can’t wait to get started writing book #3, Raisa.




Russian-Japanese pilot Aleksandra Rybakov searches for her place in the world and finds it as a Night Witch. After a fatal crash during the Battle of Kursk, she is offered a second life with the bonus of immortality by the Norse goddesses Freyja and Idunn, but there’s a catch. To defeat an army of monsters, she must find her courage and believe in herself or lose everyone she loves.

German resistance fighter Jakob Matthau saw his life ripped away when his parents were thrown into a Nazi death camp. Fueled by anger and vengeance, every battle he wins is one step closer to freeing his family. When the beautiful Night Witch Aleksandra introduces him to a world filled with magic and monsters, can they win the most difficult battle of their lives or will billions die in Hitler’s final solution?


While everyone’s social distancing and, if you want to add more to your to-be-read list, grab your copy of Natalya while it’s on sale for 99¢!

Don’t forget to download Aleksandra, so you can read Aleksandra and Jakob’s happily ever after!

Click here for Natalya

Natalya buy link

Click here for Aleksandra

Aleksandra buy link

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