I write page-turning fantasy/paranormal, sweet historical westerns, and World War II laced with magical realism. I hope my stories make you laugh out loud, think outside the box, or cry through a box of tissues.

Growing up, I was the type of kid who, if my parents mentioned the word ‘trip’, I was already sitting in the car with my bag of books. Now, trips are a little different. I still pack several books, but I rarely read them on the drive because that’s when I write. I lose myself in the story while my husband drives. Of course, if we’re blazing new territory, I have to stare at the scenery because I might miss something amazing.

I was born and raised in Oklahoma and always had a book in my hand. My parents were always reading as well and still spend more money on books than anything else. I was around ten when my mother handed me The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy, which I’ve read so many times my own copies fell apart. When I was twelve, my father gave me Sitka by Louis L’Amour and I read every book that amazing author ever wrote.

I still live in Central Oklahoma with my husband while worrying about my two sons as they forge their own lives in this crazy world.

A Little Trivia About Me 😉

  • I was a Rotary exchange student after high school and lived one year in Belgium.
  • I almost majored in music but decided I didn’t have the patience for teaching.
  • My favorite genres to read are paranormal, fantasy, historical (any era), gothic, and young adult (all romance, of course).
  • I prefer cats over dogs (but for some strange reason, dogs seem to love me) and always dreamed of having my own horse. Needless to say, I’m still dreaming.
  • I have three younger sisters (my poor father) who are incredibly talented in their own rights.
  • Some of my favorite authors are:  Christine Feehan, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Darynda Jones, Dannika Dark, and Kate Carlisle (but I have so many, many more).

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