I am a bad, bad girl.  I have so many things going on right now, I can’t see straight.  To make it worse, my blog class is about to kill me with posting things.  I really think posting to my own blog and commenting there plus eight times in theContinue Reading

I am so excited!  I get to participate in a new project that my writing group is setting up.  I’m hesitant though because of the requirements.  It is a series of stories bound together by the beginning plot.  It follows a certain family through time and tells their stories, whichContinue Reading

Artistic gifts are living entities within us.  As we grow and learn, they wrap around our insides, bonding to bone and muscle.  Some of us may have been blessed with more than one gift, but only one will speak the loudest. My gift is storytelling.  The art of weaving ideasContinue Reading

I read the most interesting book today.  It was actually an assignment for my creative writing class, but I found myself drawn into the lessons the author taught.  The book, The DC Comics Guide to Writing Comics by Dennis O’Neil, was extremely informative.  I’ve been writing with purpose for fiveContinue Reading

Writing is my life. My drive. I sit down and the stories pour out of my mind. Sometimes so fast my hand can’t keep up. If life—kids and laundry—didn’t bombard me, I could write a book a month. Well, maybe a month and a half. There are times though, whenContinue Reading