Life is hard. You turn around, thinking you have broken free from the daily trials, but you are right back in the deepest, muckiest mire. Sound familiar?  Welcome to my world. My son has Asperger’s—high-functioning autism. Have you ever bitten into a scrumptious-looking cherry pie, only to have your lipsContinue Reading

I said good-bye to a friend this week. Have you ever known someone who never knew a strange or made everyone feel like a best friend? Whose smile was wide and beautiful : who truly loved life? She loved and was loved by everyone who knew her. I miss myContinue Reading

I ran across an old ‘Dear Abbey’ article that I had cut out years ago–before I had kids of my own. As I reread the ten pieces of advice, I realized they still apply to today’s kids the same as they did to me growing up. In my opinion, aContinue Reading

Life is an interesting conundrum. When a young adult graduates from high school, the world is untapped and open for discovery. Unfortunately, the decisions that young person faces can, unknowingly, open up a duel pathway, either easy or hard. Another layering of choices further entrenches the future’s path. Money, knowledge,Continue Reading

This could be really cool!  I will admit that, at first, I was very intimidated.  Why would I write a blog?  Who would want to read about me?  Then…I got it!  I can write about absolutely anything that pops into my head, which, by the way, should come with a warning. Continue Reading