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At a very young age, Heidi Vanlandingham discovered a love of traveling and an obsession for books and writing. It didn’t matter what implement found its way into her hand—pencil, pen, or crayon (red and green were her favorites)—she rewrote all her favorite stories by scribbling her (often unintelligible) words over the printed pages of her picture books. Thankfully, her technique has improved, and she currently writes all types of fantasy and many different historical times and places, sometimes even combining the. Her stories make you laugh, groan, or cry along with her characters.

Heidi graduated with a BA in Science, English emphasis, from the University of Central Oklahoma with two minors in Business Administration and History. She also has an Associates in Art degree from Rose State Community College. Her writing includes: Western Trails six-book series, Mail-Order Brides of the Southwest six-book series, which is also book 16 in the American Mail-Order Brides series (a 50-book, 50-author series), Mistletoe Kisses four-novella historical Christmas romance series, Flight of the Night Witches four-book fantasy romance series, Kingdom of the Elf Lords fantasy romance series, and a World War II standalone fiction romance with paranormal elements.

Born and raised in Oklahoma, Heidi grew up learning about Indian Territory. But it wasn’t until after several people she knew commented about all Native American men wearing loincloths and all tribes living in teepees that she wrote Trail of Hope, the first book in her Western Trails series. Her American historicals in this series strive to explain the differences between tribes and how they really lived. The Native cultures are diverse and truly wonderful to read about and experience firsthand. Her first love in both reading and writing is anything paranormal/fantasy, especially when they have a touch of humor and sweet romance. She also loves writing cross-genre stories where her nonhistorical books contain some element of history.

Heidi currently lives in Central Oklahoma with her husband and two sons.

Connect with Heidi:

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Heidi’s Booklist: 


Mail-Order Brides of the Southwest Series

Lucie: Bride of Tennessee

The Gambler’s Mail-Order Bride

The Bookseller’s Mail-Order Bride

The Marshal’s Mail-Order Bride

The Woodworker’s Mail-Order Bride

The Gunslinger’s Mail-Order Bride

The Agent’s Mail-Order Bride

Western Trails Series

Trail of Injustice

Trail of Hope

Trail of Courage

Trail of Secrets

Mia’s Misfits

Trail of Redemption


Mistletoe Kisses Series

Music and Moonlight

Sleighbells and Snowflakes

Angels and Ivy

Nutcrackers and Sugarplums


Heart of the Soldier


Flight of the Night Witches

Night Witch Reborn: Natalya

The Peacemaker: Aleksandra

The Warrior Queen: Raisa

The Last Night Witch: Lilyann

Kingdom of the Elf Lords

Return of the Elf Lord


Of Mystics and Mayhem

In Mage We Trust

Saved by the Spell

The Curse That Binds

What readers have to say about Heidi’s books:

Night Witch Reborn: Natalya

Natalya is an electrifying WWII paranormal historical thriller that will keep readers on the edges of their seats! Throughout Natalya and Mikhail’s story, Ms. Vanlandingham expertly integrates historical events of the war, along with the ever-present fear of death, bombings, and starvation. Furthermore, the whims of a goddess add a paranormal twist that will engage readers’ imaginations as they consider “what if…” An emotional roller-coaster ride of action and romance that transcends time, Natalya has it all!” 

~InD’Tale Magazine

In Mage We Trust

“The author’s voice is strong and very soon I was pulled into a world of demons and mages. There were quite a few times I found myself laughing out loud at the sarcasm and antics of the characters. I was blown away at how utterly unique this story line is! Each time I thought the story was predictable, I was proven wrong by purple imps and hog queens lol.” 

~Stephanie Herman, Amazon Review

Lucie: Bride of Tennessee

“This well-written romance had a well-defined cast of endearing characters, each with their own personalities and quirks.”  

~Robin Echols, Goodreads Review

Trail of Hope

“This author has done a wonderful job showing some of the prejudice and treatment of those Indians. She also shows the character of those same Indians on that horrific journey that history has rightfully named “Trail of Tears”. These are rich characters and this author weaves a beautiful story out of a heart wrenching event.” 

 ~Linda R., Amazon Review