He’s an entitled wastrel. She’s a gifted pianist. Can the Christmas spirit open their hearts to love?

Having lost her parents at Christmastime, the holiday season is one of heartache and longing for Grace Shepherd. One by one, as her friends find love and begin families of their own, Grace’s own desires for family and love resurface, but is she willing to open her heart once again?

Douglas Campbell has it all—family, friends, and money—but doesn’t appreciate any of it. When Grace catches his eye, through her disapproving gaze he sees what he has become and vows to prove his worthiness.

Will Douglas revert back to his wild ways or will loving Grace and being loved redeem his selfish heart and give them both a chance to treasure the greatest gift of all?

Publisher: Shadowheart Press
Reviews:Phyllis Rundel on Amazon wrote:

I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it...you will love this one...