Music and Moonlight

Living in picturesque Saint Charles, Missouri, orphan Jillian Simpson, loves Christmas, but she loves Graham Rogers more. She prays when he returns from Philadelphia he will see her for the woman she is and not the girl he left behind so many years ago. When that day finally arrives, her hopes are dashed when he doesn’t seem to notice her at all.

Graham Rogers used to believe Christmas was magical, but living with his uppity grandfather while attending school in Philadelphia has changed him. Upon his return home, his plans to woo Jillian are ruined when a woman from his past arrives claiming to be his fiancée and his promised job in a prestigious law firm falls through.

With Jillian’s heart breaking, she announces she’s moving to California, but will the magic of Christmas be strong enough to bring these two together again before she leaves?

Sleighbells and Snowflakes

Railroad heiress Isabelle Baker is more concerned with helping orphans than finding a husband, but when her parents force her to make a suitable match whether she likes it or not, Isabelle realizes she doesn’t want a marriage of convenience. She wants love.

When his father retires, Phillip Dobson feels obligated and pressured to take over as a partner in the family law firm, but when Isabelle approaches him for help adopting a crippled orphan, will the scales of justice weigh in favor of losing his position or losing his heart?

Angels and Ivy

Having lost her parents at Christmastime, the holiday season is one of heartache and longing for Grace Shepherd. One by one, as her friends find love and begin families of their own, Grace’s own desires for family and love resurface, but is she willing to open her heart once again?

Douglas Campbell has it all—family, friends, and money—but doesn’t appreciate any of it. When Grace catches his eye, through her disapproving gaze he sees what he has become and vows to prove his worthiness.

Will Douglas revert back to his wild ways or will loving Grace and being loved redeem his selfish heart and give them both a chance to treasure the greatest gift of all?

Nutcrackers and Sugarplums

Looking for a new beginning after losing her family to the Confederacy, Alicia Price opens Sugarplums Bakery in the quaint town of Saint Charles. Overwhelmed by her instant success and large volume of Christmas orders, she surprises herself by hiring a vagabond to help her out.

Gideon Sinclair threw away his future when he enlisted in the Confederate Army. Constantly moving from town to town, he is always on the lookout for peace and a place to settle down. Maybe, just maybe…he has found both when he agrees to work for the feisty, red head who owns the bakery.

Yet, just when he thinks his life is turning around, he is arrested on Christmas Eve for crimes he did not commit. Will Alicia be able to look beyond his past and give him the holiday miracle he so desperately wants?

Publisher: Shadowheart Press