Book Cover: Natalya
Part of the Flight of the Night Witches series:

Magic is no longer the stuff of fairytales…

Natalya Volkov’s dream is to fly, but when she’s killed in a plane crash defending Mother Russia, the Norse goddess Freyja gives her a second chance at life—for a price. For immortality, she must hunt down the most powerful man in Europe or give up the man she loves.

Romani-Jew Mikhail Abramovich has known hardship. He escaped a Nazi camp, became a Resistance soldier, and the love of his life died in his arms. Yet, when Natalya miraculously returns to life, he is plunged into a world that is no longer black and white.

Is the hunt for Hitler and immortality worth giving up everything they have ever known and loved?

Publisher: Shadowheart Press
Reviews:Mauireader wrote:

5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome romantic tale set in WWII with a paranormal twist.

Two meddling Norse goddesses set their sights on stopping Hitler and saving Midgard (Earth). I loved it and definitely lost myself in this story and could not put it down once I started it. How can you not love some action not only from the war but also from Asgard where some time travel, magic and fierce scheming is going on. Natalya and Mikhail are both great and very likable main characters who are just magical together. They both are so selfless and dedicated to their country and family. I had never heard of the Night Witches, real women fighter pilots of Russia involved in the war and I found that to be fascinating. There was enough depth to give the reader details for the story, but not so much to be dragged down. Plenty of tension, a little humor and a wonderful plot that flowed effortlessly. I received this book for free and voluntarily reviewed.

Beth I. wrote:

5.0 out of 5 stars What an unexpected jewel of a story!

The author took what was already a nail biter of a story in the mode of the old blockbuster war movies of the 1960s and gave it an unexpected supernatural twist that somehow was inherently logical to the story. This has it all - tragic romance, the perils of intelligence work and combat flying during World War II, all wrapped in Norse mythology. A perfect fit for the time, place and characters. The hero is a Romani Jew, the heroine one of the legendary for real Russian night flyers, and the whole thing far grander and heroic than anything Hollywood has turned out in years. Needless to say, it was a fascinating read.