A Russian Night Witch on a path of self-discovery. A dark elf fighting for justice. Can they stop the rampaging evil before they are all destroyed?

Raisa Sorokin is a Russian Night Witch who grew up dreaming of her grandmother’s Norse tales of valor and glory, never realizing they were true. When her plane crashes, she must come to terms with her new life and the man who saved her.

Ailuin Vakas is a dark elf forced to fuel Hitler’s war for the Norse god, Odin, but when he shares his life force to save a beautiful Russian pilot, everything unravels as their journey of discovery is wrought with more evil than they bargained for.

As the Nazi war machine continues a worldwide path of destruction, an ancient evil infiltrates its ranks, and Raisa and Ailuin must decide which path to take, stopping Hilter and his Third Reich or saving those they love—and themselves.

Publisher: Shadowheart Press
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Reviews:mauireader on Amazon wrote:

Five out of five-star reviews in this wonderful historical paranormal romance

Norse mythology is one of my favorites. I loved the perfect mix in this story of the paranormal aspects combined with the history of WWII. I got to visit a lot of different European cities throughout the book as the characters are trying to change a bit of history and stop the war. There is a great variety of magic and tactics flowing in this constantly evolving plot, I never knew where things were going to go. Raisa was struggling to figure out the magical creatures who had powers beyond her comprehension. A nice slow build romance with Raisa and Ailuin and the strong ties of family were important features to this story. A wonderful and enjoyable read. Highly recommend. I also liked the glossary provided so I could understand a name or word I wondered about.