He has a crime to solve. She needs a new groom. Can she convince him he’s the right man for the job?

Pinkerton agent, Matthew Tate, has many secrets to hide. He must keep his past hidden while trying to save a small Utah mining town from the clutches of a tyrant. When his female partner doesn’t arrive, he must scramble to replace his “bride” and cover story.

Having lost everything after the War Between the States, Catriona Stewart travels west as a mail-order bride, only to discover her groom has been murdered. Overhearing the Pinkerton agent’s dilemma, she agrees to fill in as his bride. She believes her luck is beginning to change until she discovers that all is not as it seems with her new husband. What has she gotten herself into now?

Reviews:Nethanja Koenen on Amazon wrote:

Interesting, fun read. I really enjoyed this story, it was an interesting read with a couple of people having a secret agenda.