She pines for her long-lost brother. He yearns for a family and home of his own. Will the dangerous new frontier end their dreams of family and love?

Megan Floyd needs resolution before she can think about moving on with her life. Needing answers regarding the fate of her brother after her parent’s murder, she joins an eastbound wagon train, but nothing goes as planned when they are attacked by marauding Comanche.

Retired U.S. Cavalry officer Bryan MacConnell just wants a family of his own. When his home is destroyed, he decides to start fresh by heading west. With his grandfather in tow, they stumble upon what is left of an Indian attack and the remaining survivors.

Will the harsh frontier and wild weather tear them apart or will the hope of love and family keep Bryan and Megan together?

Reviews:Kathy Brickert on GoodReads wrote:

Loved it! Such a heartwarming story! I laughed, I cried, I read it really fast because I couldn't put it down! So glad to see Bryan's story! Good read!

Lori Haney on GoodReads wrote:

Read this in 2 days, once I got started on it, it was hard to put down. Enjoyed the descriptions on the caves and country where the story took place. Makes me want to visit Oklahoma. The story was intriguing and the characters well developed.