Kingdom of the Elf Lords

The Story Behind the Series

This series is an off-shoot of Flight of the Night Witches. It’s a continuation of the Elves’ plight in their own kingdom, which was ravaged by a civil war and almost annihilating the three different races of elves: Black Elves, Light Elves, and the Dark Elves.

The first book, Return of the Elf Lord, features Bernard Marchand, a favorite secondary character in all four of the Night Witches books. His traumatic back story attracts the equally damaged Huldra, Alva, who is the goddess Freyja’s assistant. This is their happily ever after.

Flight of the Night Witches

The Story Behind the Series

While researching Heart of the Soldier, I stumbled upon an article about a World War II squadron of female Russian pilots. I was so fascinated, I read everything I could find about these amazing and talented women. Much to my surprise, they are not well known. The accomplishments of these women aren’t taught in schools, read in books, or seen in movies; and this is a travesty.

While weaving a fictional romance, my goal for the Flight of the Night Witches series is to show the remarkable valor these women possessed. I hope to give readers a glimpse of what these female pilots experienced during their nightly battles as they helped to terrify and defeat the German army.

Of Mystics and Mayhem

The Story Behind the Series

The concept for Of Mystics and Mayhem came to me a long time ago, 2009 to be exact. The idea that inspired In Mage We Trust was a writing prompt. I never do writing prompts, but something about this one caught my attention. There was just something about the picture that spoke to me, so I grabbed my notebook and wrote a paragraph then stuck it in a drawer.

Six months later, I found it again and after laughing from what I’d written, I added a few more paragraphs and sent it to my critique partner. She emailed me back in capital letters, ‘WRITE MORE.’ She did this several more times until I had a complete book.

In Mage We Trust is about a sassy heroine who’s struggled in life to get to where she’s at without help from her very dysfunctional family. Johnna has always known about her father’s magic, but when she’s attacked by flying jelly bellies with wings (she later finds out are imps) and a zombie who jumpstarts her own magical ability, her entire world turns inside out and upside down.

Johnna is spirited into a realm of worlds filled with demons, wizards, mythological gods and goddesses, and other creatures more dangerous than she could ever imagine. Through it all, she discovers a strength she never knew she had, faith in the family she’d thought abandoned her, and her own true love.

I have never had so much fun writing and the story just kept coming and now totals a three-book series where Johnna’s family and friends continue to fight against the evil plaguing Dark World in the second book, Saved By the Spell, and the third book, The Curse That Binds, which will release in May 2020.