Set during World War II, Heart of a Soldier is the fictional love story of two Americans trapped behind enemy lines, each committed to fighting against the Nazi War Machine. I was inspired to write this story in part because I grew up hearing stories from real-life soldiers and sailors who served during WWII. The writer in me wanted to write a story that captured the courage and patriotism of these brave fighters…but stories are so much richer when there’s a romance at the center.

In Heart of a Soldier, soldier Stuart Williams’ allegiance to the army is tested when Caroline Grayson, an American college student trapped in France, captures his heart. Both face enormous risks that put their lives and love in mortal peril.

The man and the woman portrayed on the cover of this book are my grandparents. They met and fell in love during the war. That personal connection is what makes this book so very special to me.

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