As promised, here are a few more recipes from my upcoming book, Riding The Storm. Truth be told, most Native American tribes didn’t use seasonings in their ancestral dishes, which I find interesting. Would the food taste bland? Since I grew up and still live in Oklahoma, I’m surrounded by greatContinue Reading

Hi everyone! In my upcoming release, Riding The Storm, Megan Floyd (the heroine) cooks several meals along the trail and I thought it would be interesting to share some of her recipes. Doughnuts are a sweet staple in today’s society. Everyone loves doughnuts. But, did you know doughnuts were also anContinue Reading

A group of Oklahoma authors were invited to write a series of short stories with a recurring theme based on the curse of a Scrimshaw doll: In the late seventeenth century, a zealously protective father feared his daughter’s betrothed would betray her. A gypsy attempted to hex the girl with this spell: All those who betray youContinue Reading