Lucie: Bride of Tennessee, book 16 American Mail-Order Bride seriesAmerican Mail-Order Brides series, book #16

*also Prequel to: Mail-Order Brides of the Southwest series


Overwhelmed with responsibilities…

Struggling for a decent life after the death of her parents, Lucie Croft takes a drastic step in order to provide for her twelve-year-old brother. Accepting a mail order bride contract, Lucie and Alex catch a train to Chattanooga, Tennessee. She arrives only to discover her intended groom has died. Left with little choice, Lucie does whatever is necessary to survive.

Overwhelmed with fatherhood…
Sebastian McCord owns a profitable hotel but has no idea how to be a father to his little girl. When his mother appears with the bedraggled Crofts in tow, his interest is piqued far more than it should be. Finally convinced he needs help raising his daughter, Sebastian agrees to marry Lucie.

Two people overwhelmed by life…
Will they find love and create a family where there was none, or will life conspire to keep them apart?


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