Box set includes:

Lucie: Bride of Tennessee

Taking a bride for the sake of his daughter, he discovers a second chance at love.

After the death of her parents, Lucie Croft provides for her brother by becoming a mail-order bride, only to discovers her intended groom is dead. Sebastian McCord has no idea how to be a father to his little girl and with his mother’s prodding, he agrees to marry Lucie. Will they find love and create a family where there was none, or will life conspire to keep them apart?

The Gambler’s Mail-Order Bride

His dangerous past can’t stop him from loving her…

Stella McCord becomes a mail-order bride to find her true love. Travis Stone takes a wife to escape his lawless past. But when his past threatens his new family, will he run from the law or stay and fight for love?

The Bookseller’s Mail-Order Bride

She never wanted to be a bride. He wants a family to love.

Hailey Jefferson dreams of a better life, but with no means to escape, she becomes a mail-order bride.  Orphaned young, Alex Croft wants nothing more than a family of his own, but when he discovers Hailey’s plan to leave, can he convince her by Christmas Eve that he’s worth staying for or will she leave and break his heart?



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