Western Trails series, book 2 



Abducted from her family home in Savannah, Sophia Deveraux is thrown into an army stockade with Cherokee prisoners destined for the West. Though stalked by her abductor, she is protected by three men on the long, deadly journey to Indian Territory. Despite her starved and battered body and soul, one of them steals her heart.

When Clay Jefferson lost his family, he vowed to kill whoever murdered them. Trying to help prevent the removal of the Cherokees from Georgia, he finds his heart torn in two when protecting Sophia becomes more important than his vow of vengeance.

Fate and a gypsy curse work together as Sophia is attacked again but finds an inner strength she never knew she had, and Clay is forced to make a difficult decision — honor his vow or listen to his heart?




“This novel is a terrific story of a woman who learns how strong she really is when faced with incredible challenges. The weaving of history and Native American mythos is handled skillfully and makes for extremely engaging reading. I predict that you finish the book in record time and immediately start clicking around for a sequel.”                             

                            William Bernhardt, author of the Ben Kincaid series

“Debut author Heidi Vanlandingham richly captures historic details in this exciting romance about a woman who only wants a family and a man sworn to vengeance. As they struggle to survive the Trail of Tears, their journey becomes a trail of hope. Vanlandingham is a terrific new voice.”

Silver James, author of  Oklahoma Red Dirt Royalty and Moonstruck series 

“TRAIL OF HOPE is about good vs. evil and characters with the strength and resilience to overcome adversity in a hopeless world. Heidi Vanlandingham weaves these elements together in a vivid, beautifully written love story you won’t want to miss.”

Alicia Dean, author of Soul Seducer and Thicker than Water

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