I said good-bye to a friend this week. Have you ever known someone who never knew a strange or made everyone feel like a best friend? Whose smile was wide and beautiful : who truly loved life? She loved and was loved by everyone who knew her. I miss myContinue Reading

I ran across an old ‘Dear Abbey’ article that I had cut out years ago–before I had kids of my own. As I reread the ten pieces of advice, I realized they still apply to today’s kids the same as they did to me growing up. In my opinion, aContinue Reading

Life is an interesting conundrum. When a young adult graduates from high school, the world is untapped and open for discovery. Unfortunately, the decisions that young person faces can, unknowingly, open up a duel pathway, either easy or hard. Another layering of choices further entrenches the future’s path. Money, knowledge,Continue Reading

This could be really cool!  I will admit that, at first, I was very intimidated.  Why would I write a blog?  Who would want to read about me?  Then…I got it!  I can write about absolutely anything that pops into my head, which, by the way, should come with a warning. Continue Reading