Holiday Short Story Available For Preorder Until October 20, 2015

A fun Halloween read–history with a paranormal twist.

Death CanyonA cursed treasure, a woman on a mission to find her father, and a sheriff who is something more than he seems…

Abigail Van Dyke is determined to locate her father, a treasure hunter who has gone missing while searching for the legendary Dutchman’s gold. Duty demands Sheriff Damian White ride to her rescue. As a vampire, he knows the danger lurking in the place people call Death Canyon.

Will Damian be able to save the woman destined to be his bloodmate or will the canyon’s curse take another victim?


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RT Convention-Author Appearances

Come join the fun and have a drink with me and other historical authors at the RT Convention! Knowing RT, this should be a lot of fun!

Pop Art illustration of blond girl with the speech bubble.

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Ebook Sale $0.99 Until May 9th!

Riding the Storm Cover

Looking at the present:

Bryan MacConnell, retired US Cavalry officer, hopes to find the one thing that’s eluded him—a family. When his home is burned to the ground, he gathers his grandfather and the old man’s best friend, and heads toward the unknown West determined to start a new life in the Cherokee Outlet in the Indian Territory.

Looking for the past:

Megan Floyd, orphaned as a child, is determined to discover the truth of her parents’ murder and the fate of her older brother. With her foster brother as an escort, she joins a small wagon train headed east from her adoptive parents’ home in Colorado. As much as she loves the Floyds, Megan yearns for her own family.

Looking to the future:

When marauding Indians and wild weather toss Bryan and Megan together, will they be torn apart or will they discover what they’ve both been searching for—a life full of love and family?

“I thoroughly enjoyed Riding the Storm. Ms. Vanlandingham tells a captivating tale of two lost souls who are searching for what they need to feel complete. They fight the weather as well as their growing feelings for each other. This is a well done, and a fast, interesting read.”         Review by Callie Hutton, USA Today Best Selling Author of Historical Romance

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