Trail of Hope $ .99 automation offer

Hi again!

I want to thank you for downloading the free six-book holiday collection! If you’ve begun reading the stories, you’ll have an idea of the worlds I like to write in. Nothing better than a trip back in time—whether to the Wild West or the Victorian Era. Let’s face it, I love anything historical. The ancient times and World War II are my favorites. I also love creating my own worlds where anything monster has his/her own issues with life and love.

I currently have Trail of Hope, the first book in my Western Trails series on sale for $ .99 on Amazon. (The series will be coming to Apple, Kobo, and B&N in January.)

Will a vow of vengeance harden his heart to love…book cover on ereader


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I am so very grateful for your continued support. Thank you!


Heidi Vanlandingham
Yukon, Oklahoma

PS: I LOVE getting emails from my readers and is the highlight of my day. Unless a computer gremlin gets to it first, which has been known to happen, I promise to send a reply!